Foundation Crack Repair

Cornerstone Structural Repair and Waterproofing understands that foundation cracks are a serious and alarming problem. For most people, your home is your greatest asset, so a crack in the foundation can mean big trouble. However, Cornerstone Structural Repair and Waterproofing has the technical knowledge and skills required to fix foundation cracks in your home and relieve the stress and worry, which they bring.

Cornerstone Structural Repair and Waterproofing is experienced in repairing foundation cracks in homes around the St. Louis area. We employ a skilled and knowledgeable staff that works with you throughout the process of foundation repair. We will determine the best solution to your foundation problems and our professional work will leave you satisfied. Our quality work has made Cornerstone Structural Repair and Waterproofing a trusted name for foundation crack repair in the St. Louis area.

The following information is meant to be an introduction and brief overview of foundation crack repair. To learn more about how Cornerstone Structural Repair and Waterproofing repairs foundations, contact us.

What causes foundation cracks?

There are a number of different problems, which may cause foundation cracks in your home. The most frequent cause resulting in foundation cracks is settling of the footings of a home. As the ground shifts to maintain the weight of your home, the soil may compact more or less in certain areas. This will result in foundation cracks. Foundation cracks resulting from settling can occur shortly after new construction is built or it may take a number of years before cracks occur.

Another cause of foundation cracks is the result of too much or too little water in the soil near your home. As different areas of the country can experience draughts at different times, a sudden draught in your area may result in a reduced amount of water in the soil under your home. If the soil does not dry evenly, some areas may sit lower than others, resulting in cracks in a home’s foundation.

What are signs of a cracked foundation?

There are several key signs that occur when your home has foundation cracks. One major sign of a foundation crack is the sudden appearance of cracks along outside concrete or stone walls. In addition, cracks in the concrete or stone walls of your basement often signify a foundation crack. Other problems, which may signify a foundation crack in your home, include bulging floors and doors that stick or will not close properly. If you suspect that your home may have a foundation crack, we recommend you call Cornerstone Structural Repair and Waterproofing to have one of our skilled professionals survey your home’s foundation.

How do you repair foundation cracks?

Foundation cracks are evaluated by a number of different factors including the following:

  • Size of the foundation crack
  • Location in which the foundation cracks appear
  • Shape and pattern in which foundation cracks are formed
  • The amount of movement that has occurred between the two sides of the foundation crack

Based on the above factors, our experienced professionals from Cornerstone Structural Repair and Waterproofing will evaluate the severity of the crack in your foundation and determine the best solution to repair your crack. We use a number of techniques to repair cracked foundations. After a review of your home’s foundation problems, we will determine the best foundation repair method for your home.

What does repairing foundation cracks cost?

The cost to repair foundation cracks varies based on a number of conditions. Generally, the severity of the crack is a strong determining factor in your foundation repair cost. At Cornerstone Structural Repair and Waterproofing, we pride ourselves on our company’s strong reputation, and we ensure that the foundation repair cost, which we provide for your home will not include any hidden fees or costs. To learn the cost to repair your foundation cracks, we encourage you to contact us and talk to one of our skilled professionals or request a free quote now.