Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing in St. Louis, MO

Cornerstone Structural Repair and Waterproofing has been serving the St. Louis Area with over 70 years of experience. We realize that for most people, your home is your greatest investment. Therefore, if you are experiencing foundation failure or a leaking basement, it can be a scary situation. Our professional employees are dedicated to resolving your basement and foundation problems today and for the years to come. With our foundation repair and waterproofing services, you can convert a damp ugly basement into usable living and storage space for your family. Because of our superior quality work, we have become a leading St. Louis foundation repair and basement waterproofing company. So if you are looking for waterproofing and foundation failure repair services in St. Louis, contact us today.

Lifetime Transferable Warranty

At Cornerstone Structural Repair and Waterproofing, our skilled employees are reliable and trustworthy. We offer quality waterproofing services and foundation repair without sacrifice to quality or our integrity. To express our dedication and commitment to customer satisfaction we offer Lifetime Transferable Warranties on the services that we perform. These Warranties are Lifetime Transferable Warranties for the lifetime of the structure.

Foundation Repair Services

At Cornerstone Structural Repair and Waterproofing, we are a team of skilled professionals dedicated to resolving your foundation failure problems. If you have been experiencing any signs of foundation failure in your home, please contact Cornerstone Structural Repair and Waterproofing to learn how we can fix your foundation problems.

Signs of Foundation Failure

If you suspect foundation failure in your home, there are several key signs that help detect if you have a foundation problem. The following are some of the most commonly seen foundation problems we have seen in St. Louis area homes resulting in a need for foundation repair services.

  • Cracked or Bowing Basement Walls
  • Doors and Windows that Stick or Do Not Close
  • Cracks in drywall or ceilings
  • Stair Step cracks between Bricks
  • Water leakage through Cracks in Basement Walls

Bowing Wall Repair

The following are common solutions we use for resolving foundation failure.

Basement Waterproofing Services

If you suffer from a leaky basement or crawlspace, you may become frustrated with the wasted space in your home. However, with the waterproofing services from Cornerstone Structural Repair and Waterproofing, you can turn your damp basement or crawlspace into dry, clean living or storage space for your family. We also recommend our waterproofing services for those planning a basement remodel as they can prevent leaking before it starts and protect your valuables. For our basement waterproofing services, our professional employees utilize a combination of the best techniques and products to achieve your goal of a dry basement. The following are some of the popular products offered in our St. Louis waterproofing services.

  • Drain Main System: We perform installation of the Drain Main System. Drain Main Installation will use a combination baseboard style and subfloor system to keep water from entering your basement through the basement walls and direct water out through drain holes.
  • Flat Track System with Drain EZE: Installation of the Flat Track System with the Drain EZE System is an ideal solution to all your leaky basement problems. The Drain EZE System will collect water entering your basement where the wall meets the basement and channel it to the Flat Track System, which deposits the water into your basement’s sump pump.
  • Vapor Bright Installation for Crawlspaces: The Vapor Bright System is ideal for leaky and damp crawlspaces. This product will create a durable layer that prevents water from entering your crawlspace creating a clean dry storage space.
  • Sump Pump Installation: Installing a sump pump into your basement will collect any excess water preventing basement flooding.